10 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Outer Space

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Outer space is an unexplored arena where new and intriguing objects continue to be discovered every year and despite so much progress, the only things humans can say for sure is that there is a vast amount of information they do not know about things in outer space. Here is a list of the 10 amazing things you can only find in outer space.



In school, each one of us is taught that Stars are extremely hot bodies of gas that emit heat and light due to chemical reactions. However, in the vast universe that surrounds us, there are likely many cold stars that have temperatures below freezing. One such star known to humans is WISE 0855−0714 which is a brown dwarf having temperatures between -48 and −13 C. This example is a unique one and is still being studied to find the cause for such temperatures and the future of this star.

Fully designated as WISE J085510.83−071442.5 is a sub-brown dwarf with an approximate distance of (7.27±0.13 light-years) from Earth. It was discovered in the year 2014 by Kevin Luhman by using data from Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The star has the highest proper motion (8118±8 mas/yr) after Barnard’s Star (10300 mas/yr) and Kapteyn’s Star (8600 mas/yr). The fourth closest extrasolar system to the Sun is the coldest object of its type in outer space with a temperature range 225 to 260 K (−48 to −13 °C; −55 to 8 °F).

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