10 Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands

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Apple Watch Series 4 is by far the best smartwatch in the market right now. Not only it sports the fastest processor in any smartwatch but it also packs in tons of features. Apart from its features, one of the best things about Apple Watch Series 4 is that it keeps it interchangeable bands design intact and will work with all the previous bands that you own. In my opinion, the interchangeable band design of Apple Watch has played a great role in its commercial success and I commend Apple for this design element. Just like previous watches, the Apple Watch Series 4 allows users to change the bands to match their style in seconds. I love collecting different bands for my Apple Watch and if you do too, this is just the article for you. Here are the 10 best Apple Watch Series 4 bands that you can buy:

1. Official Apple Watch Series 4 Bands from Apple

The first place that you should look when you are shopping for Apple Watch Series 4 bands is Apple itself. The company sells a number of different styles of bands. Whether you want a sports band, sports loop band, stainless steel band, or a leather band, Apple has got you covered. Yes, the company prices its band a little on the higher side, however, just like everything else it sells, its bands are impeccably designed and feature high-quality material. My favorite is the Milanese stainless steel band which looks premium. 

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