10 Best Portable Power Banks for Apple Watch and iPhone

The latest addition in the AppleWatch family, Series 4 is offering 2 days of battery life. This is enough for our daily routine. When you plan a trip or a long drive, this two days battery life is not enough. There are portable battery packs and travel chargers built for Apple watch. The portable battery packs for Apple watch is built like a keychain, with a rechargeable battery.

Here, we have done some research into this and have compiled a list of best portable power bank for Apple Watch for charging Apple Watch and your iPhone on the go.

MT’s Best Picks:

  • Best Charger for Apple Watch and iPhone: Mipow WiFi Charger is an MFI certified wireless smartwatch charger with a 6000mAh battery.
  • Best Portable Charger for Apple Watch: Pantheon Portable Charger has a key chain like appearance built with 700 mAh internal battery.
  • Best Travel Power Bank: Griffin Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch can charge your smartwatch up to 2.5 times on a single go.
  • Best Apple Watch Pocket Charger: Oittm Portable Charger for Apple Watch comes with a polymer battery that delivers 2 full charges before running out.

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank 2K

The Belkin was one of the first company to come out with a wireless charging pad for the iPhones and Apple Watches. This one we’ve got here is designed for the Apple smartwatch alone. This Powerbank is compact and has a portable design. Being an exclusive Apple certified accessory, you can couple it with your  Apple Watch all the time. The high-quality components and the careful assembly of internal parts made it reliable and long-lasting.

Belkin Boost Charge PowerBank 2K

This Apple Watch Power bank has enough power to keep your smartwatch running for up to 63 hours on a full charge. You can also go without charging the power bank for a week as it offers greater charge capacity. Being lightweight and makes it easy for travelers and businessmen to take them out. This portable power bank can fit right into your pocket and charge them whenever you want. The Apple smartwatch can be charged by keeping it on the charging pad. There are a bunch of LED indicators to show the battery life of the power bank. It can be recharged with the micro USB cable.

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