10 Best Weather Apps for Your Apple Watch in 2019

2. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a famous Apple Watch weather app known to provide flawless and updated weather forecasts. The ever changing conditions of the atmosphere are predicted in this app as much as 10 to 15 days in advance, so that you can plan your month beforehand. There are also spark lightning alerts given by this app, which can be extremely useful and even save your life. You can also check out the real-time conditions of the traffic, so you will know which road to take and which to avoid. This is going to be your new favourite app if you are planning to do any outdoor activities.

3. NOAA Radar Pro

As a weather forecast app, NOAA Radar Pro is like a fully-equipped weather station Satellite overlay displayed on this app will give you the real-time precipitation of any place. For altering the speed of the animation, you can even change the number of frames that you see per second. This is a really creative app. and if you have kids whom you are trying to explain about the weather, then you will find this app to be really useful. The animation is a fun way for anyone to start learning about nature changes from an early age.

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