10 Best Weather Apps for Your Apple Watch in 2019

4. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the most popular accurate weather forecast apps for Apple Watch. The main reason why Accuweather is loved so much is that it gives weather forecast in over 100 languages, larger than any other government-based or private weather forecasting platform. It also offers animated satellite images as well as radar images for stormy weather.

5. Weather Live

As one of the best weather apps for Apple Watch, Weather Live has an user-friendly interface that is crafted in a way to deliver you the perfect weather forecast of multiple cities. It also provides a weather widget that can be placed in the notification center to helps you check the accurate forecast as well as the current weather quickly. You can also view the weather of any place by zip code, the postcode, the airport code or just the city name. This app is one of the most useful in this list and will enhance your life once you start using it every day.

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