10 Best Weather Apps for Your Apple Watch in 2019

6. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the topmost weather apps for your Apple watch. It has a great foresight and will provide you with the accurate weather from the next day to the entire week. It uses GPRS to give the exact weather report of your present location, offering updates minute by minute. You can easily get a notification when bad weather is about to happen, and you can stay alert about it beforehand. It has also a radar animation feature to let you see the real path of a coming storm.

7. Carrot Weather

The best thing about Carrot Weather is that it has a minimalist user interface that provides us with hourly, weekly as well as daily predictions. The weather data provided is really useful for daily life, as it has satellite image that will give you the complete updates regarding the places you concern. So all in all this is going to be your new friend that will steer you clear from any danger if you have it on your Apple Watch.

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