10 Essential Tools For Working With Pallets

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Before starting to work on your next crafting project with recycled wooden pallets, you need to be sure that you have the essential tools to get the things done and to be sure to complete your project in your weekend.


Starting a pallet project without a hammer is like cooking a cake without a mold! A hammer will come in handy for almost all your pallet projects and more generally all your woodworking projects. Moreover, a hammer is not the most expensive tool in your pallet crafter kit and is one of the useful ones. There are several types – such as framing, roofing, drywall, ball peen, bricklayers and even sledgehammers. A curved claw hammer is a great all-around handy tool, but you may find you need more types or a different style for your body type. Hammers come in different weights, lengths, and even grip sizes.

Saw / Jigsaw

A pallet project means working with wood and working with wood means cutting it, and guess what, the best invention we have made to cut wood is a saw! 🙂 You need a handsaw, but if your budget permits it, you can buy a powered saw like a jigsaw (very useful for precise cutting) or a circular saw if you need to cut a significant amount of pallet planks. Table saws make quick work of ripping long lengths of pallet wood to narrower sizes. Scroll saws are great for those advanced tasks and doing decorative cutouts. A reciprocating saw (such as a Sawzall) does quick work of disassembling a lot of pallets and has many blade styles that can cut through metal and wood. To sum up, a saw is essential for all your woodworking projects! There are even pull saws (cuts when you pull towards you instead of with the push away from you) and can be easier to use if you have less upper body strength.

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