10 Lesser-Known and Exciting Apple Watch 4 Tips and Tricks

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Got new Apple Watch 4? Congratulations, and today we are going to introduce you with some interesting Apple Watch 4 tips and tricks that will take your excitement to the next level.

Apple Watch 4 Tips And Tricks

Every new product comes with some prominent features, and this statement is more valid for products launched by Apple. Apple has recently launched Apple Watch Series 4 on September 21st. It has already created a buzz in the market, and today we are going to highlight some lesser-known and exciting Apple Watch 4 tips and tricks. So, without getting into the jargons let’s proceed to explore them.

10 Interesting Apple Watch 4 Tips And Tricks

1. Wipe Notification With Just One Tap

Do you find notifications annoying? Well, with Apple Watch 4 you can banish all those annoying notifications with just one tap. All you need to do is swipe down from top of the Watch screen to access the chronological list. Once the list is displayed, long press the screen and then tap on “Clear All” to delete all those notifications together.

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