10 Lesser-Known and Exciting Apple Watch 4 Tips and Tricks

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2. Kill Unresponsive Apps On Apple Watch 4

WatchOS also hangs just like any other operating system and applications can stop responding. If you encounter such hang issues, you can force quit the target app to make your Watch work as it should. All you need to do is press and hold the button (Not the Digital Crown) until your Watch shows you power off screen options. Once the screen appears, leave the button and press and hold again. This action will kill the unresponsive application, and you will arrive back to the app menu on your Watch.

3. Activate Fall Detection

Most of the WatchOS 4 users are excited about this particular feature. Well, the feature is not activated by default and you need to do it manually. Once you enable this feature, your Watch will be able to detect the falls and offer you automatic assistance.

To activate this feature, you need to head to your iPhone and tap on Watch application. Once you’re there, tap on “My Watch” and then get into the “Emergency SOS” to enable the “Fall Detection” feature.

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