10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

There are always mind blowing facts about the universe. It’s if huge if not infinite and full of fascinating mysteries. Many of them we’ll probably never find out, but that’s also what makes it beautiful. Each generation we figure out more and more. We have to thank technology and science for the discoveries that we’ve made. It’s believed by scientist that we only understand 4% of the universe. I think that the number is even smaller.

Here are some mind blowing facts about the universe.

1. Dark matter makes up 84.5% of the mass in the universe and 68% is unknown
dark matter

It’s all around us. Dark matter makes 84.5% of the universe and only 4.9% of the mass is ordinary matter. So the Sun, moon, all the galaxies, stars, Earth and you – only make up less then 5% of the mass in the entire universe. The crazy part is that we still haven’t figured out what dark energy is which makes up 68% of the entire mass in the universe.

2. Almost all atoms are 99.9% of empty space

It’s crazy when you think about this. Nearly all atoms are empty space. If you removed the empty space from the atoms of the entire human race, it would fit into a single cube of sugar.

3. A spoonful of neutron star wights about one billion tons

Neutron stars are some of the heaviest objects that are known in the universe. They’re much denser and a lot smaller compared to normal stars.

4. Night sky is a look in the past

Whenever you’re looking at the sky during the night, you’re looking at the past. Because of the huge distances, the light of the stars and galaxies that are far away – take a very long time to reach the Earth. With Hubble telescope, we can see 13 billion years in the past.

5. The big bang has leftovers

There’s still a lot of leftover background radiation from the big bang. Some of the static on TV and radio is actually from the big bang.

6. Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects know in the universe

PSR J1748-2446ad, a fastest know neutron star is rotating at a rate of 716 times per second.

7. Statistically, it’s impossible for aliens to NOT exist

There are 400 billion stars in the universe, and according to astronomers, 100 billion Earth like planets are capable of supporting life in our Milky Way galaxy alone. It’s estimated that there are 50 sextillion planets in the universe (21 zeros!).

8. In 4 billion years, our Milky Way galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy

Not happening anytime soon, but it’s going to happen. No need to worry, since it’s only happening in 4 billion years according to NASA Hubble telescope observations.

9. You are made from star atoms

We have to thank stars for explosions that happened billions of years ago. When stars explode, they release atoms that are required to make up life. So if you’re feeling depressed, remember that you’re made from stars.

10. There more stars in the universe than there are sand grains on Earth


It’s estimated that there are 3 sextillion (21 zeros) stars in the universe.


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