10 Mind Blowing Space Facts to Make You Rethink Your Existence

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Wanna feel small, humbled and completely mentally mystified? Astronimate brings you 10 Mind Blowing Space Facts to Make You Rethink Your Existence!


Mind blowing space facts #10: The random, accidental…you

Currently, you’re sitting on a very tiny blue dot, floating randomly in space. Furthermore, a mysterious, invisible phenomenon, called gravity is the only thing keeping you glued to the dot.

Billions of years ago, random stars in space exploded, creating trillions of random atoms, like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Then, these atoms blasted outward into space, traveling billions of miles per hour in all directions.

At last, some of these atoms randomly arrived at the same place, at the same time in space. Now, the atoms gradually combined, linking together in random combinations. Ultimately, random atomic combinations created living organisms. 

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