We live all our lives on this wonderful Planet, but sadly we don’t have the chance to revel in all of its beauties, and we also know little things about it. We know that the Earth is a spherical planet, by following the cycle between day and night, we also know that there are a lot of phenomenon which happen because of exterior forces. After thousands of years of studies we managed to understand more about the mysteries of the universe and galaxies, but when it comes to the secrets of Terra, we are still in the dark. Here are 10 unusual things you didn’t know about the blue planet.

The Radiation Belt Van Allen

„Van Allen” is a plasmatic field which surrounds the Earth, and it is made up of electric charged particles held together by the magnetic field. During the Apollo missions, astronauts were exposed to the Van Allen field, and it seems that because of this the risk of cancer increased five times in their case. Because of this, a nuclear test called Starfish Prime was conducted. It created an artificial belt of radiations which damaged or destroyed one third of the orbiting satellites. This is probably what would have happened to all satellites if they came into contact with Van Allen.

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