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The Moon is distancing itself from the Earth

It took 25 years of studies and measurements for scientists to determine that the Moon’s orbit is slowly expanding, and its natural satellite, Earth, is distancing itself from it. To be more precise, the Moon is putting 4 centimeters between itself and the blue planet, every year, and it seems that it will continue to do so until it the Sun will become a red giant. When this happens, both Moon and Earth will become affected by the Sun’s power and will come closer together.

Tons of „extraterrestrial” material lands on the Earth every year

When we say extraterrestrial, we literally mean extra terrestrial materials like dust or rocks which come from outer space. Scientists say that 30.000 tons of interplanetary dust touch the surface of the Earth every year. This is because of the many asteroids which can be found near the sun, Mars and Jupiter. Some rocks become „falling stars”, but the smaller objects are captured by Earth’s atmosphere and land on the soil.

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