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3. Tissot Le Locle – £400

Tissot is one of the cheapest of the high quality Swiss watch brands, with their cheapest models starting at £100.  However, if you want luxury features you’ll need to spend about £350 – £700.

I’ve chosen one of their Le Locle watches, which is a range named after the Swiss village where they are made. For the money, you get an automatic watch (so it doesn’t need winding up and doesn’t need a battery) which also has a tough synthetic sapphire front (the ‘crystal’ if you want to get technical).

Unlike most watches on this list, it has a leather strap. If you want to be really traditional, you should wear a watch with a metal strap at work and a leather strap as evening wear. In the real world, you can wear it when you want.

It’s water resistant up to 30m, although just to confuse you that doesn’t actually mean you can take it diving to a depth of 30 metres. I’d personally avoid getting it wet, besides the odd splash from the sink.

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