10 Of the Coolest Recent Discoveries From Space

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Two of NASA’s voyager probes found magnetic bubbles in the section of space called the Heliosheath, a section of our solar system over 9 billion miles from Earth. In the 1950’s, scientists believed this section of space to be smooth but when Voyager probes arrived in 2007 and 2008 they detected turbulence caused by magnetic bubbles up to one million miles wide. These were generated from the suns magnetic field as it combines with material made from other stars in the galaxy. Scientists say if the bubbles were visible they would resemble giant sausages.


Mira A is another red giant star that was examined in 2007 by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer as part of an ongoing task of scanning the sky with ultraviolet light. Scientists were surprised to find a 13 light year long tail, similar to that of a comet trailing behind the red giant star. This is huge considering one light year is nearly 6 trillion miles. Before the discovery, it was believed stars couldn’t have tails. Mira A is traveling through the universe exceptionally fast at a speed of 291,000 miles per hour.

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