10 of the Most Beautiful Alien Skies

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#3. Phobetor

An artist’s impression of the sky as seen from the surface of a pulsar planet, such as Phobetor, Draugr or Poltergeist.

Phobetor is a planet that shouldn’t exist. This planet, about four times more massive than Earth, accompanies the worlds of Draugr and Poltergeist in orbit of Lich (PSR B1257+12), the undead husk of a star left behind after a supernova explosion billions of years ago. Instead of a sun like our own, the daytime skies of Phobetor are dominated by a rapidly spinning light accompanied by spectacular and eternal auroras. This stellar remnant is a pulsar, a tiny, extremely dense ball of neutrons that weighs 40% more than our Sun, yet is no bigger than Central Park.

#4. The Moon

One of the most famous photos ever taken, Earthrise was shot in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission to the Moon.

Easily one of the most beautiful sights in the Universe is the view of our own world as seen from the surface or in orbit of the Moon, a privilege that, so far, only 24 people have enjoyed. The so-called ‘Earthrise’ picture was taken on Christmas Eve of 1968, and it was one of the photos that truly changed the world, bringing the wonders of space exploration closer to the masses. Thanks to a complete lack of atmospheric or light pollution, the Earth appears to lunar-based observers as a crystal-clear marble dominating the skies.

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