10 Real Ways The World Could End Tomorrow!

Surely you know some of the apocalyptic events that announced the end of the world. There are of all types and for all tastes and beliefs, although there are only two possibilities: either they have not succeeded, or they have not reached the announced date. This is the reason why some will end up being right. Here We gonna discuss 10 Real Ways The World Could End Tomorrow!

Nostradamus, the same Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, the legendary Rasputin … they are all historical names that at some point in their lives ventured to predict the end of humanity. Some supported on some scientific basis, others, most, supported solely by the power of the human imagination.

The end of the world has always been the patrimony of religion and, occasionally, of Hollywood and its catastrophe films. However, science is accumulating data and begins to take seriously the risks that a natural phenomenon or caused by humans can end civilization. A recent report details the 10 major risks that could cause the Apocalypse announced in the sacred texts or in cinemas.

Some dangers, such as climate change or nuclear war, have been around for some time. Others are emerging technologies that could have a dark side, such as artificial intelligence or synthetic biology. And some have always been there and in the past caused great extinctions on Earth, such as the impact of a large asteroid or the eruption of a super volcano. In addition, among several of them, there could be connections that aggravate the final result, making life impossible on the planet, at least as it is known.

What immediately draws attention in the list is that most of the enemies of human civilization have been born within it. Only in two events, the impact of a large asteroid or the eruption of a super volcano, humans have little to do. Even in the case of a global pandemic, there is a human factor called globalization. In the past, epidemics such as the Black Death or the Spanish Flu were not apocalyptic because the world was not as connected as it is today.

The list of the 10 horsemen of the Apocalypse has not been elaborated following a hierarchical order, according to their greater or lesser probability or intensity. Many people have dared to announce a series of events that could end the world. So, if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today? It is a very convenient question because, although you do not know it, there are latent threats that could extinguish our planet tomorrow. Here we tell you what they are:

1) Global Darkening – Ways The World Could End

There is a risk that air pollution will generate a mantle that prevents light rays from entering the earth. Experts say that countries like the US or China are currently 10% darker than they were in the 70s. If that trend continues, in the future we will have a totally dark sky, which would cause the gradual death of every being that lives on the face of the earth.

2) Theory of the Great Implosion – Ways The World Could End

Scientists say there is a possibility that the big bang known as a big-bang enters a reversible phase, that is, that all the content of the universe begins to contract, ending up imploding. Not only our planet, but the entire cosmos would collapse.

3) Thermal Death of the Universe – Ways The World Could End

Here the opposite happens with the great implosion. The universe expands and expands until all the existing energy is exhausted. There is no more light or heat. It is not necessary to say that without energy there is no possibility for life.

4) Environmental Destruction – Ways The World Could End

We know that global warming has played havoc with the environment. For this could reach such a degree that there begins to be a mass extinction of animal and plant species, and it can also cause the level of the sea to rise by the melting of the poles, which would bring death and desolation around the world.

5) Solar Brilliance – Ways The World Could End

It is a sudden and intense release of electromagnetic radiation from the sun. If it reaches the Earth, it could reduce its electromagnetic field, which would bring serious alterations to our ecosystem.

6) Global Pandemic – Ways The World Could End

A pandemic is the expansion of an infectious disease at high levels that occurs simultaneously in several countries. An example was Spanish influenza, which between 1918 and 1919 ended the lives of more than 30 million people. The risk of a pandemic is always latent, and it could happen that some would end with the human population as a whole.

7) Gamma-Ray Sprouts – Ways The World Could End

Gamma rays are a type of high-frequency radiation that generates much more energy than the sun itself. Gamma-ray bursts occur when a black hole appears; if by chance an outbreak were to occur at a distance of 1,000 light years from Earth, we would end up totally burned by all the living beings on the planet.

Fortunately, the bursts that we have detected have occurred millions of light years, but because in our galaxy there are massive stars that could generate black holes close to us, the risk is latent.

8) Astronomical Impact – Ways The World Could End

There are hundreds of thousands of meteors and comets that travel through outer space, so the probability of one of them hitting the earth is huge. It has detected an asteroid that was baptized as Apophis, 300 meters in diameter, which is believed to impact our planet in 2036.

9) Supervolcano – Ways The World Could End

A supervolcano would have the devastating force of 1,000 volcanoes combined. And it is not only in theory, because in the history of the Earth already have been recorded about 20 super volcanoes, so the possibility that one throws with the planet is not low.

10) Black Hole – Ways The World Could End

A black hole is a place in space that absorbs everything that is around it. Even light does not escape its insatiable absorption. In the Milky Way there are more than 100 million of these holes, so the likelihood that one will pass with our planet and swallow it is relatively high.

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