10 Tips and Tricks Every Apple Watch Users Should Know

After spending nearly 500 bucks on your Apple Watch, you would hardly fancy the idea of using this expensive gadget as an alarm clock or a timer. For this purpose, you have already got other low-cost toys. Instead of getting blinded by eye-catching wizardry of Apple Watch, it is smart to make the most of your pricey wristwatch.

Apple knows that consumers expect something excellent, and therefore, the company packs many features in its watch. But not all features are glorified in their launch event; users have to explore them in the moment of respite. Worry not! We take this pain for you and provide you with a list of some useful tips and tricks you can employ on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch has long come out of the shadow of the iPhone; it is no more just a swanky extension of the smartphone. You can find lots of useful features up its sleeve.

#1. Share Locations in Messages

When you are in the middle of something and not able to reach to your iPhone, share your locations in Messages on your Apple Watch.

#2. Send Voice Messages from Apple Watch

A quick audio message is far better and comfortable than scribbling text. Apple Watch enables you to send text as Audio. Thus, using this feature, you can always communicate with your loved ones quickly and easily.

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