10 top features you should be using on your Apple Watch

Track your steps, and close the Rings

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Your Apple Watch is a comprehensive fitness tracker. We recommend setting up Apple Health on your iPhone to get the most out of your Apple Watch’s fitness tracking features. Once you have, press the Digital Crown and look for the icon that looks like three rings — blue, green, and red — and tap it. The three rings represent your daily activity goals — movement (red for calorie count), exercise (green for movement), and standing (blue, with a target of standing once per hour).

Scroll down the screen to see your step count, distance walked, and the amount of stairs climbed. The challenge is to “close the Rings” by completing each different activity on a daily basis. Check Apple Health on your iPhone for more data, or go to the Apple Watch app and select Activity to see more. If you’re really committed to using the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker, then select a Watch Face like Activity Digital or Activity Analogue to see your progress on screen all the time.

If you use the Siri watch face, then activity is shown permanently, or on faces like Infograph, activity can be shown as a complication.

How to track a workout

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Headed to the gym, out on your bike, or for a run? The Apple Watch can track your workout. Press the Digital Crown and look for the green icon with the image of a person running in it. Tap it and scroll through the list to find which workout suits your activity, with everything from yoga to high-intensity interval training covered.

Tap the three dots to open up individual tracking adjustments, for example, the time target and your calorie count. Tap the card itself to start tracking. Swipe right to see controls like stop and start, or to the left to control any music playing.

Alternatively, the Apple Watch Series 4 has automatic workout recognition. If the watch senses you’re out running or doing any type of exercise, it will alert you and suggest switching to a workout tracking program. This feature works really well in our experience.

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