10 Ways The Apple Watch Will Change Your Life

On the first day the Apple Watch was released for pre-sale, it sold a massive 957,000 units!

Wearable devices using the Android operating system sold just 720,000 units throughout all of 2014.

The Apple Watch sold more units in a single day than Android Watches did in an entire year!

This data shows that the Apple Watch will become the market leader in the wearable devices industry, once its released.
“The goal when creating the Apple Watch was to free people from their phones.”
These days, we’re glued to our smartphone screens.

How often do you see people at restaurants ignoring each other? They’re constantly distracted, receiving notifications and looking at their phones.

The Apple Watch aims to streamline the time it takes a user to figure out whether a notification is worth paying attention to.

This will hopefully filter out all the noise we receive with the watch promising to only deliver the most important notifications to your wrist.

This will enable you to get back to that important dinner conversation, distraction free.

Lets now take a closer look at 10 ways this watch will impact certain moments of your life by reading this Apple Watch review.

1. The Apple Smartwatch brings the most important notifications right to your wrist

The Apple Watch is all about simplicity. It delivers the most important moments to your wrist, at the right time.

The ShortLook feature sends a pulse to your wrist alerting you to a new text message.

You look at your smartwatch and see a “Message from Dan.” If you put your wrist down immediately, the message stays unread and the notification goes away.

If you keep your wrist up, Dan’s message is displayed on your watch screen.

The really cool part about this is that you can reply to this message with a range of easily customisable responses, directly from the watch.

Your level of interest in a notification is gauged by your reaction to it.
“Today, people want flexibility and the convenience of being able to access any medium at any given time.” “Apps and their information must be synchronised across all platforms to satisfy your users needs.” Dan Portelli – Strategic Director, Buzinga App Development
These sort of interactions with the watch are perfect for getting your face away from your smartphone.

The Apple Watch software presents everything you need without overwhelming you with notifications.

This was an extremely important goal when developing the watch. Think about how annoying it would be for your watch to be constantly vibrating on your wrist!

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