12 Amazing ways to recycle wooden pallets

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From creating outdoor seating and dog beds to a free-standing herb garden, there are so many amazing ways to repurpose a wood pallet. We have rounded up the coolest photos and ideas to transform and give new life to wooden pallets.

Who knew wooden pallets could be so versatile? There are so many ways you can recycle an unassuming wooden pallet into something pretty darn amazing.

Wooden pallets can be picked up for free (yes, for free!) at many hardware stores, garden or landscaping nurseries, automobile shops and even on Craigslist. Some of these pallets can be dirty or contain toxic pesticides, so ask and make sure they are clean, especially if you plan on using these pallets inside of your home. The best wooden pallets contain a stamp that says “HS HT” which means they have been heat treated and not treated with toxic chemicals.

Wooden pallet book shelf

Wooden pallet book shelf

If you are like me, you never have enough space for books — especially kids’ books. This is such a clever way to transform a wooden pallet into a usable book shelf. Check out TheThrivingHomeBlog.com for the entire tutorial. I love how she added knobs (perfect for hanging aprons or hats) and stained it a dark, rich color.

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