13 things others don’t realize you’re doing because of your high functioning anxiety

We all suffer anxiety.

But it’s not always a bad thing.

In fact, when your anxiety drives you forward in life rather than leaves you stuck in fear, you are someone who experiences “high functioning” anxiety.

People with “high functioning” anxiety usually experience the following 13 things.

1.) Turning down invitations at the last minute

You have an event long planned and you’ve already prepared everything for it.

Then, right before the big day, you change your mind.


Because you think you might not enjoy the time socializing with people, or even worse, you think others will not enjoy their night if you were there.

Thus, even though you want to go, you end up avoiding social situations much of the time.

2.) Incredibly sensitive even on the little details

Having high functioning anxiety makes you one of the most sensitive types of people in the world.

You tend to notice and concern yourself with even the smallest matters.

You get really annoyed with little things such as a missing pen or sending the wrong text message. Even a stare from a stranger will keep your mind wandering for days.

Calm Clinic reports that obsessive thoughts are a common symptom of anxiety.

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