14 Phrases That Can Help Anyone Deal With Difficult People

Difficulty in people can take many forms. David Brown describes such types as control freaks, perfectionists, creative, aggressive and submissive. But it’s important to remember that each person can be unbearable sometimes and you can prevent misunderstandings by using some simple words.

We at Bright Side wish for everyone to solve conflict successfully and found phrases that can help you deal with a problematic person.

1. Show that you understand and ask to hear more if a person is angry or upset.

To reduce tension and make a person feel calmer, you can use empathy. Think about the person you’re talking to and complete the sentence with, “It must not be easy.”

For example, if your colleague is very angry about new obligations, say, “It must not be easy to be a manager of such a big company.”

Also the phrase, “I understand” doesn’t always work. It is better to say, “To understand you even better, tell me more.”

2. Say words of gratitude.

If you need to tell your boyfriend that he needs to do something more or you need your colleague to rework something, start with appreciation by saying, “I truly appreciate what you do. You have done this part perfectly. There are some things that can be improved. Let’s work on it.”

3. Be softer with your words instead of pushing a person.

Don’t push a person if you want something. It’s better to try a “soft” approach. For example, if your friend is free and you need her to go with you to buy a new dress but she’s feeling lazy, say, “I would love for you to come with me. Unfortunately, I can’t pick a dress out by myself.”

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