15 Apps Everyone Needs on Their Apple Watch

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You’ve got an Apple Watch and you want to get some great apps for it. But which apps will work with it, and which are worth trying? That depends on how you want to use your watch. You can listen to music, stay fit, keep up with news, find information, and so much more.

To use an app on your Apple Watch, you first need to install it on your iPhone. To see which apps are already installed and which ones are available, open the Watch app on your phone. Swipe down on the My Watch screen to the “Installed on Apple Watch” section. You can remove an installed app by tapping it and turning off the option to “Show App on Apple Watch.”

Swipe down to Available Apps and tap the Install button for any apps you want. To find more programs, tap the icon for App Store in the Watch app to browse or search. Now, let’s check out those 15 apps you should have on your Apple Watch.



Using two-factor authentication is one way to better secure your website logins. And Authy can make the process easier by letting you authenticate on your Apple Watch.

First, you must enable two-factor authentication for each website you want to add to the app and choose the option to use an authenticator app. Using Authy on your iPhone, you then set up your accounts for each site by scanning a QR code or manually entering a key.

The app supports thousands of different sites and services, including Gmail, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Amazon.

The next time you sign into one of those sites, you’ll be prompted to enter your password and then enter the security code generated through Authy. If your iPhone isn’t handy, you can instead turn to the Apple Watch app, where you just tap the account and enter the generated code number.

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