15 Apps Everyone Needs on Their Apple Watch

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AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? For $2.99, AutoSleep Trackercan report not just on the quantity of your sleep hours but on their quality. Simply wear your Apple Watch to bed.

The app monitors and records your total time asleep, your wake time, and your restless time, along with each phase of sleep such as light sleep and REM sleep. The app also keeps track of your heart rate during the night.

The next morning, you can check the data in the watch app and the iPhone app to see how the night went. If you’d rather not wear your watch in bed, you can still tell the app when you turn in and when you wake up so it can track your sleep.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a great app if you like a little snark and sarcasm along with your weather report. For $4.99, the app delivers everything a weather junkie would want, including the current temperature, wind speed and direction, UV index, cloud cover, visibility, humidity, and dew point.

You can gaze into the future with the week’s weather forecast, check out the weather in other parts of the world, or hear the current weather spoken aloud to you, complete with a sarcastic remark.

Certain features are available only with subscriptions to the $3.99-per-year Premium Club or the $9.99-per-year Ultrapremium Club, but the basic app will keep you informed and entertained.

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