15 Exercises to See Your Dream Body in the Mirror

Chest muscles workout

Did you know that people tend to guess the age of a woman judging by the state of her neck and chest area? To tone your chest muscles effectively and quickly, try this set of exercises. Lie down with your knees half-bent.

Alternating arms

15 Exercises to See Your Dream Body in the Mirror

  • Lie down, and keep your knees in a half-bent position.
  • Take the weights and alternate arms.
  • Make sure your weights don’t touch the floor. One palm is facing down, the other one is facing up.
  • Exhale and inhale freely while alternating arms.

Dumbbell press and dumbbell fly

  • Lie down, and keep your knees in half-bent position.
  • Take your dumbbells. Perform a dumbbell press with one arm and a dumbbell fly with the other one.
  • Alternate arms.
  • When you’re done with one set, change hands and repeat.
  • Exhale when lifting your hand.
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