15 Most Common Myths about Dogs Debunked

You probably hear different stories and theories about your faithful furry companions all the time, but how do you know which ones to believe? A lot of the most commonly given advice about dogs is actually not true. These myths have been passed down by generations of dog owners, and it’s time that we debunk them and start spreading the truth.

Why does your dog eat so much grass? Can he see what color the ball is? Is it okay to let him continue to lick his wound? The list of the most common myths about dogs goes on and on, so I decided to do some research on this and debunk some of the legends.

I’ve also consulted with experts to debunk the most well-known and very common doggy myths and beliefs that are out there about our canine companions. Read the myths and see if you’ve fallen for any of these untruths. If there are other canine myths you’d like us to look into, be sure to leave a comment after reading.

1 Dominant vs. submissive dogs:

Are they always one or the other?
“My dog’s dominant and the leader of the pack!” You’ve probably heard this from many dog owners, when introducing your dog. Maybe you noticed that sometimes your dog accepts another dog’s posturing and submits to being lower in that social dynamic, but other times he decides to be in charge.

Is the dog simply confused?

When researching the idea of dominant vs. submissive behavior in dogs, it can be equally confusing because trainers have several theories. But, the studies by top behaviorists and scientists all agree in one aspect: these traits are specific to the current environment or situation.

Just as our behavior changes depending on who is in the room with us (you defer to your boss or parent, while directing your employees or children), the same works for dogs’ social structures. A dog may have the tendency to be more dominant or submissive, but if he’s assessed through posturing that he can’t win, he’ll very likely submit to avoid further conflict.

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