15 Smart DIY Wood Projects For Your Home Improvement

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Here are 15 durable and creative wood projects you can do for your home improvement. It’s a keeper, this one.

And you can even enlist the help of your friends, spouse and kids! This is definitely something everyone will love to get involved with. And you don’t need to be a carpenter to be able to achieve these designs.


After a long day at work or taking care of the kids, this is definitely something you’d love to have hanging down your settee, so you do not have to stretch back and forth to reach the wineglass.

A simple wood project, just with a few polished pallets you can create this. Simply pick out 4 to 5 pallets depending on what size you prefer and nail them in an upside-down L to the side of your settee.

And voila! There’s your snack table. Fun, uhn? And make sure to find the color that works with the overall room tone.


Whether as a gift to friends, or for your own home, coasters are definitely always a crowd pleaser. Quite simple to make, you just need chunks of wood in cube forms and a woodcutter (LOL).

You can also make your coasters into round shapes or whatever shapes you want. Painting over them will make them more interesting.

Simply measure reasonably sized coaster and cut it up. There you have it. Your very own coasters.

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