17 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

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So you’ve bought yourself a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2 or upgraded your slightly less shiny and new Apple Watch Series 1 to watchOS 3. You might even have some lovely appsinstalled. Now what?

Simple: now you read our tips about how to get the most from your wrist-based pride and joy, by way of cunning watchOS 3.2 settings, handy new gestures, and partying like it’s Newton o’ clock.


1) Discover Control Center

Rather than rummaging about the Settings app to access key Apple Watch functions, swipe up from the bottom of the screen for Control Center. Here, you can trigger modes to shut up your Watch to varying degrees, along with checking battery life and activating Power Reserve mode if juice is running low.

Got a new-fangled Apple Watch Series 2? Tap the Water Lock button (the drop) and turn the Digital Crown to have your pride and joy spit out water after a swim.

2) Use Theatre Mode

You’re watching a film or play and your Apple Watch suddenly makes a noise and lights up the room. It feels like the Bat-Signal is emanating from your wrist. Instantly, everyone hates you. Don’t be that person – turn on Theatre Mode (the mask button) from Control Center. You’ll still get haptic nudges when notifications arrive, but your watch’s display will remain off even when you lift your arm. (You can, however, tap to activate it, or carefully twist the Digital Crown to slowly brighten the screen on Apple Watch Series 2.)

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