31 Apple Watch tips & secrets you need to know

How to use the Apple Watch

With our 31 brilliant tips and secret features for the Apple Watch (from original to Series 5) and the latest watchOS updates, you’ll soon be getting more out of your Apple smartwatch

Use the Digital Crown to navigate

When people first started to use the Apple Watch, they found themselves wanting a Home button like the one below the screen on the iPhone and iPad. But there’s already a home button: the Digital Crown, which is Apple’s name for the dial on the side of the device.

Pressing the Digital Crown performs actions similar to the Home button on your iPhone: tap it once to go back to the Home screen, or press and hold it to activate Siri.

If you’re using the Apple Watch and want to quickly return to the last app that was used, double-tap the Digital Crown and the last app will be opened automatically. (This also works from the clock face.) Then, once you’re finished using that app, you can switch back to the initial app (which is now the ‘last-used app’) by again double-pressing the Digital Crown.

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