31 Apple Watch tips & secrets you need to know

Use the Digital Crown to open apps

There are a number of ways you can navigate around the Apple Watch. You just have to find the way that’s right for you.

For example, apps on the home menu can be opened by tapping the icon, but some people have found that tapping is inaccurate; sometimes you miss and open the app to the left or right of your desired app.

To find the app in a crowded home screen, you may need to zoom out by rotating the Digital Crown dial to find the desired app. Once you’ve located it, tap near it to zoom in on the area, and then centre the app on the screen.

Once it’s centred, instead of tapping on it, use the Digital Crown to zoom into it and open it – it’s much more accurate, and includes a cool animation when zooming into the watch face.

Alternatively, try the alphabetical List View instead of the Grid View – this can be easier to navigate. Do a hard-press on the home menu and select the appropriate option.

Use (and customise) the app dock

The easiest way to open an app on your watch Рor a commonly used app, at any rate Рis by using the dock, which arrived with the watchOS 3 update. This fast-launching app picker is accessed by pressing the side button. Not the Digital Crown dial, but the button next to it.

Any app can live in the dock, regardless of whether it’s preinstalled or made by a third party. Apps you place there are constantly refreshed, so you can see a live preview when you swipe from side to side in the dock. Tapping on an app from its live preview will launch it instantly (or pretty close to instantly).

You can choose up to 10 apps to place in the dock. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, make sure you’re in the My Watch tab, then tap Dock. Make sure Favourites is ticked at the top, then tap the Edit option on the top right to move apps into or out of the dock. You can also choose which order they appear in.

Alternatively, tick Recents and watchOS will automatically populate the dock with the apps you’ve been using recently.

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