47 Handy Hints for Your Workshop

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From tool hacks to genius storage ideas, these handy hints will help you save money, complete projects more efficiently, and definitely have more fun in your workshop.

Reinvigorate Dry Putty

Coming to the final steps in a project and finding my jar of putty as dry as the Serengeti and hard as a rock is frustrating. My solution is to remove the putty with a screwdriver and knead it with canola oil until it’s a usable consistency. The putty isn’t quite as good as new, but it works in a pinch. It’s a messy job, so wear latex gloves. – Richard Ryder

Ad-Hoc Micrometer

Measuring diameters can be difficult. Sure, it works OK to just measure the end, but if you need accuracy, here’s my method. Take apart one of your combination squares and slide the head to another square so that the straight edges are facing each other. Set one of the square heads at an even measurement and then slide the other head until both are touching the part you’re measuring. Read the measurement right off the ruler!

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