5 soothing remedies to rub on your sciatic nerve for instant pain relief

Our bodies are very complex and sometimes it takes a lot of time to learn what cause leads to what outcome. But, you probably already know that sciatic nerve is the longest one. In case you don’t, it spreads from your lover back to your ankle.
Once you realize how massive the area of its influence is, you come to realizing how much it may hurt in case there is something wrong with it. In fact, it does not always hurt, sometimes you may feel just a little numb, but there are also cases when it gets literary excruciating.
The reasons that lead to sciatic pain are many. Pregnant women are mostly prone to it, but people who spend too much time sitting can suffer from it too. Also heavy lifting or misplaced spine disk can cause sciatic nerve pain.

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Once we learn about the causes and the severity of pain it would be nice to learn at least something that can help you relieve that pain. And that is something we are going to discuss today, the thing is that usually sciatic pain fades away of its own, but there are remedies to grant you instant relief in case pain get really unbearable.

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#1 Essential oils

The effect of essential oil on our bodies is still not fully discovered. But it is said that mustard oil, lavender oil or pepper essential oil are especially effective when massaged into your skin, in the area od sciatic nerve effect. For the greater effect you can mix any of the listed essential oil with either coconut or olive oil.

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#2 Nettle tea

Apart from all the other abilities, nettle tea can help you forget about sciatic pain in no time.

#3 Celery juice

You can drink some celery juice or tea to get immediate relief from sciatic nerve pain.

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#4 Lemon juice

Just like in case with essential oils, you need to rub lemon juice right where it hurts. It claimed by many that this is the best remedy there is against sciatic pain.

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#5 Hot bath

Hot bath, especially with the addition of essential oil is able to grant you immediate relief.
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