6 Easy Steps to Prepare Rough Wood for Turning

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It is very exciting to make something out of nothing. Although wood isn’t “nothing”, getting free rough wood is the next best thing. One of the most common challenges of wood turning is getting rough wood and preparing it for the lathe in order to create amazing projects.

1. Finding Rough Wood for Wood Turning

The first step is obvious, but can be tricky. After all, depending on where you live, it may not be so simple to locate the right type of wood. Based on this difficulty, here’s a straight forward list of certain things to look out for if you want to find quality wood:

    • CraigsList – I’ve seen many people advertise free wood after they’ve cut down a tree. It’s very common to dispose of unwanted wood this way.
    • Municipal Cleanup – Cities have to maintain “public” areas and will let you collect branches and trunks. Reach out to your city to find out their schedule.
    • Local Trails & Forests – Finding broken tress is easy if you’ve got a forest or trail nearby.
    • Private Land – If you are willing to do some work, reach out to a neighbor and offer them to cut some wood on their property. Win / win situation for both of you.

There are many other creative ways to obtain some wood. Look around you and make sure it’s OK before taking something.

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