7 Most Terrifying Facts About Space that Give You Chills

Space is one of the most mysterious places in this world. And that mystery and uncertainty makes space sort of scary. There are many facts about space that keep this point true, such as stars that suck the life from their neighbors to black holes that consume everything. Some of the strangest things in space make up your nightmares.

Top 7 Scary Facts About Space That’ll Freak You Out

1 Powerful explosions bring stars back from the dead

Type Ia supernovas are often referred to as zombie stars because these white dwarfs have the ability to come back to life. White dwarfs are essentially dead until they create an enormous supernova that sucks material from their neighbors to bring them back to life. As they come back to life, their innards are scattered across the universe.

2 Some stars suck the life out of others

Compared to vampires, these stars are known as blue stragglers. They remain young, allowing themselves to burn hotter and appear bluer than their neighbors by sucking the hydrogen fuel away from their more ancient neighbors.

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