7 ways to recognize an imbalance in gut bacteria and how to restore balance

Did you know that your body normally contains wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi?
All these form your special microbiome, which you inherit from the parents and then can change through lifestyle choices.

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The vast majority of microorganisms live in your intestines.

For a long time, scientists couldn’t explain, what is the role of microflora and what can happen, if it becomes imbalanced.

Owing to numerous studies, nowadays we know that bacteria play great role in digestion, activation of immune processes and even in brain functioning.

There is no single kind of bacteria, which determines whether or not your body will work properly. The main idea is that you need the diversity of microorganisms to stay healthy.

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Scientists have found that people, whose microbiome has been imbalanced, were much more likely to be obese and to get serious health issues like colon cancer, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.
When your gut lacks in “good” bacteria, immune system loses ability to work as needed. This often leads to inflammation, autoimmune processes and infection.
The close link was also found between compound of intestinal microflora and mental disorders, such as major depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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So, how can you understand that your gut microbiome is abnormal? Check up these signs and symptom:
#1. Abdominal bloating, discomfort and sense of fullness
#2. Changes in bowel movements (diarrhea, constipation or their alternation)
#3. Extreme tiredness and lack of energy, even after restful sleep
#4. Upset stomach
#5. Acne or some other skin rashes (eczema, psoriasis)

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#6. Difficulty concentrating and remembering information
#7. Long-lasting, often causeless sadness and negative thoughts
It’s not uncommon that long-term consumption of medications causes bacterial imbalance. In this case, your doctor may recommend you discontinuing use of the pills or substituting it for another medicines.
Diet is a very important factor for your gut microflora. If you want to keep it healthy, try to avoid high-sugar foods, processed meats and carbs from bread, corn etc. It’s worth limiting some dairy products like milk and cheeses, as well as certain fruits (bananas, grapes, apples).

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Actually there are some foods, which include bacterial cultures, essential for your body. Remember these super-foods: kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and Greek yogurt.
You don’t really need to eat all of them at once. Add probiotic products to your ration gradually to give your organism time for adjustment.
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One study has shown that probiotic foods and supplements give much more benefits, if taken 30 minutes before having a meal. The reason is that your empty stomach can absorb them better. After you’ve eaten some foods, your belly becomes too busy to use probiotics properly.

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