8 Disturbing Signs That You Should Take a Break

Most of us start dreaming about our next vacation on the first day after returning to work, and that’s okay. Work is often a stress that we subconsciously fight all the time. However, there are physical signs that you really have to take a break.

We at Bright Side would like to tell you about the 8 most frequent ones.

1. Headache

Your body might signal that it needs rest if you feel discomfort in your head. Too great a workload often results in moderate to severe aches in your head, neck, and eyes.

Moreover, a high stress level may lead to migraine attacks.

2. Digestion problems

When your brain works full tilt for a long time, your digestive tract suffers the most. In fact, it sinks into a kind of shock.

The most common consequence of this condition is the irritable bowel syndrome that is associated with stool problems and aches in different areas of the stomach.

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