8 Exercises to Transform Your Body in 15 Minutes

Nowadays we as young women lead very hectic lives and sometimes we can barely find enough time to go to the gym. But these exercises can help you to transform your body in only 15 minutes. So let’s make you even more beautiful!

All the exercises Bright Side shows you in this article are easy to do at home. All you need is enough space and comfortable clothing. We will show you 5 exercises that you can do daily, in under 15 minutes, that will transform your body after only one month. As a bonus, at the bottom of the article there’s one very simple exercise that you can use as a warm-up.

1. Plank

Lie down on the floor, belly down. Bend your elbows in 90-degree-angle. Raise your body engaging your core and stabilize your feet lifting up on your toes. Hold the pose for 30 seconds on your first day.

Add 5 seconds daily, but don’t hold more than 2 minutes. Remember to keep you back parallel to the floor and your belly muscles engaged.

2. Bird-dog

Stand on your knees and put both hands on the floor in front of you. Raise your left hand so it’s parallel to the floor. Stretch you right leg parallel to the floor. Hold the pose, count to 3, switch the leg and arm.

Do this exercise starting with 20 sets. Add 5 sets until you reach 50. Don’t forget to breathe out when you stretch the arm and leg!

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