9 Unusual things found in space

In the Universe even more incredible.

Mankind looks to the skies for thousands of years, and all that we have learned over this time that space is a crazy place. Every day scientists discover a large number of strange pieces that give rise to new questions, intimidated and cause incredible admiration.

We will discuss about 9 cool and strange things that astronomers have found in space for the last time.

1. The smell of rum and raspberries in the center of the galaxy

The cloud of SGR B2 in several million times the mass of the Sun and floating around in our galaxy the milky Way. Recently scientists have found that this is mainly a cloud — a giant river of raspberry rum.

The fact that Sagittarius B2 contains 10 billion billion billion liters of alcohol and a molecule called ethyl formate. This substance gives raspberries the sweet taste and the rum — its distinctive smell. However, the origin of these molecules remains a mystery to scientists, so the discovery of an intergalactic pub should postpone.

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