9 Unusual things found in space

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2. Mickey Mouse

Astronomers from the US, studying the surface of the planet mercury, discovered 3 of the crater, which in form resemble the silhouette of Mickey mouse. Scientists said that from space Disney get his ideas.

Of course, serious scientists just kidding. And they can understand that every day they get thousands of emails from enthusiasts who have found another crater, which is similar to a particular item.

3. The truth about a falling star

Everyone knows that shooting stars are meteorites that hit the atmosphere. But many do not know that there are indeed shooting stars.

When a supermassive black hole consumes a double-star system, one star is absorbed by the black hole, and the second shoots to the side, like a huge slingshot. Just imagine a huge fiery ball of gas that is 4 times more than our Sun, hurtling at speeds of millions of kilometers per hour. Doesn’t sound as romantic.

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