9 Useless Beauty Items We Keep Wasting Money On

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According to a survey held in 2017 by the American cosmetic internet store, SkinStore, an average woman uses about 16 cosmetic products daily. And this fact isn’t surprising thanks to the variety of skincare and makeup items that cosmetic brands entice us with, making it hard to resist the temptation of buying more and more.

Bright Side decided to find out whether or not all cosmetic items are equally useful and came to the conclusion that many items aren’t worth spending money on at all. Look through this compilation to learn more about these products.

Night cream

Night facial creams are not completely useless. They often contain components like retinol that don’t “work” in the daytime due to the influence of the sun’s rays. Still, dermatologists say that the cost of special night creams is overpriced and that there’s no need to buy them if you take proper care of your skin during the day.

“Female” shaving creams and foams

Foams and gels soften the hair and moisturize the skin to make shaving smoother. That’s why the content of both female and male shaving items is almost identical. The only difference they have is the odor and the design of the packaging. If the fragrance doesn’t matter to you much, there’s no need to buy special “female” shaving items. Especially when male shaving products cost way less! A moisturizing shower gel or hair conditioner can help soften hairs too.

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