Apple Watch Series 4 Hands-On

It’s a watch. Says so right there in the title. But the Apple Watch still has a funny way of dividing the community between a battle line that seems to have been drawn by our collective life experiences and worldviews. Is the dress blue or yellow? Do the ink blots resemble a fitness tracker, a medical device, or perhaps some existential threat to analog elitism? We went hands-on with the new Series 4 Apple watch moments after it was unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook, to see if the gushing promises of “profound impact” on our lives might actually come to fruition. Fourth time’s a charm, right?

But before we get too deep into the features or emotional analysis of the new Series 4, it’s important to lead with a few of the key physical differences of this new Apple Watch, and how it feels on the wrist. What came as a bit of a surprise itself, is that if you were to cast a glance at a distant wrist wearing one, you might find there’s very little from a visual standpoint that dramatically differentiates it from the Series 3. Even the straps are fully cross-compatible, including the buttery-soft Hermes calf leather, and the exquisite-but-not-new milanese loop and organic horizontal link stainless steel bracelets. This means that since no new straps were introduced for the Series 4 (with the exception of a neat Nike nylon strap with reflective thread), the new models look ostensibly like the outgoing ones.

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