Apple Watch Series 4 Infograph Face: How Smart Design Improves Data Monitoring

When the Apple Watch debuted four years ago, there was quite a bit of skepticism from the traditional watch industry, media, and enthusiasts alike. Personally, as many aBlogtoWatch readers know, I was enthusiastic about it from day one and continue to be so to this day. Now toward the end of 2018 Applehas recently released the AppleWatch Series 4 and for some time now has been able to claim that it sells more wristwatches than any other company in the world. The Apple Watch continues to be refined while enjoying massive sales. Having said that, the smartwatch category, in general, is still pretty young, having moved from infancy to a more toddler-like state of showing exceptional charm and promise.

The Apple Watch Series 4 inches forward in increasing utility and managing more data while still dealing with necessary restrictions such as battery life. There are many smartwatches out there but the Apple Watch Series 4 proves that good intuitive design is a necessary filter for the increasing amount of data that our wearables monitor. Technological restrictions aside, it’s still not perfect and I explain some of my easily remedied complaints later in this article. Overall, we are still in the early phase of a long iterative process, but I am happy with the Series 4 as delivered in 2018 and also optimistic about the future of the Apple Watch.

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