Apple Watch Series 4 Updated With WatchOS 6 At WWDC19

 Apple CEO Tim Cook presents the new watchOS 6 at WWDC19

As mentioned, the updates we saw in 2018’s Series 4 watch pushed it into an entirely new category as a health device. The updates to watchOS 6 aren’t quite as dramatic as we saw last fall, but still quite important – depending on your lifestyle and use case for the device. Some of the highlights of the new OS include: the addition of the App Store to Watch, new integral apps like Calculator and Voice Memos (both of which elicited loud cheers of approval from the crowd), new hearing, fitness, and health tracking capabilities (including cycle tracking for women), new ’taptic chime’ alerts, new streaming audio capability, the addition of the App Store to Watch, and new developer toolsmaking it easier than ever for engineers to create apps for the watch. This last detail is particularly interesting, as it’ll likely continue to open up the Apple Watch platform for more innovation from the development community outside Apple. Also, many of the new apps available through OS6 (like the new audio streaming API) will now be independent, and not require the presence of an iPhone to run.

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