Best Leather Bands for the Apple Watch in 2019

Going traditional:Nomad Traditional Strap

Nomad’s Traditional Strap for the Apple Watch is one of the best leather band you can buy for the popular wearable. First off, its high-quality Horween leather feels amazing and substantial. This particular version also has a Fil Au Chinois beeswax line thread embedded into the design that makes it look even more handsome.

$80 at Nomad

A rugged type:Pad & Quill Leather Band

You don’t always assume leather can be rugged, but Pad & Quill’s Leather Band is exactly that. It’s made of full-grain Horween leather, but it’s not carefully refined like other straps, which gives it that very distinct rugged and worn look. Plus, you’ll get a 25-year warranty, which should solidify how high quality it is.

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