Chinese face map reveals what part of body could be sick and how to fight it

In Chinese medicine, it is popular to believe that everything is interconnected in the human body. The state of the internal organs is reflected on the face, you just need to be able to properly understand the signals your body gives.

If you have acne, inflammation, or skin spots in one area or another, this indicates some problems with your body. Let’s figure out what problems exactly. The face is the window of our health. The forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, ears – they all reflect what is happening inside of us.

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Carefully look at this face map compiled by Chinese healers. It is very detailed and understandable so you can find out what health problems you can have. You will also know what to do in order to normalize the work of these or other internal organs and get rid of problems on the face:

Chinese face map suggests what part of body could be sick and how to fight it

#1. Nose: heart problems.

Even the abundance of the notorious black dots signals that the everything is not good with your cardiovascular system. Watch your pressure, adjust the level of cholesterol, be physically active and regularly drink goodR green tea. You need to check blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body on a regular basis. Also, your body can be catastrophically lack of vitamin B. You need to eat plenty of meat foods and walks in the fresh air. Eating any foods high in vitamin B will normalize your heart system and will lower the level of cholesterol in your blood.

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