Chinese face map reveals what part of body could be sick and how to fight it

#2. Forehead: problems associated with the bladder and small intestine.

Excessive amounts of fats and processed foods, as well as stress, lack of sleep, excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol, lead to slow digestion. You need to drink plenty of water, stop drinking alcohol, eat raw food, and sleep well for at least seven hours every day. Most likely, you are lost under the influence of constant stresses, excess of fats and sugar. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Chinese face map suggests what part of body could be sick and how to fight it
#3. Area of the mouth and chin: hormonal problems.

This zone is the main zone for hormonal changes and stress.

The causal relationship between stress and hormonal changes is almost impossible to avoid, but it is possible to reduce the negative side effects. To do this, it is necessary to seep long and well, to drink large quantities of water, to eat fruit and vegetables and to maintain the skin in perfect purity. Most likely, your body suffers from excess salt, dehydration and slow metabolism. You should reduce the amount of caffeine and spices. Learn the techniques of meditation and learn the principles of aromatherapy.

#4. Area between eyebrows: problems with the liver.

Acne in this place can arise because of excess toxins, excessive use of drugs or meat, and various allergies. You will be helped by starting keeping a healthy diet and exercise in the fresh air on a regular basis.

Chinese face map suggests what part of body could be sick and how to fight it

#5. Eyebrow arch: kidneys problems.

If there are pimples in these areas, and, in addition, you have dark circles under the eyes, you lack water in the body, as a result of which the kidneys do not function well. Of course, the daily intake of large quantities of water can solve the problem. Inflammations in this area suggest that you need to sleep better, and also give up smoking and alcohol. Get a habit of drinking more pure water and eating berries.

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