9 Most Spectacular Space Photos From NASA

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NASA have incredible records of space achievement than any other space agency in the world. From successful manned mission to Moon in 1969 to on going Mars exploration NASA continuous to brings the outer world more close to the humankind. The images of each NASA mission also makes feeling of ‘sky is not the limit’ in every human. Here the list of top 9 most spectacular space photos from NASA.

1 Giant Prominence Erupts from Sun

It is the solar prominence developed from left limp of Sun on 16th April, 2012. This spectacular solar phenomenon is captured by NASA’s solar dynamic observatory. It have a wavelength of 304 angstrom, appears in deep red color.

Solar prominence also trigger out coral mass ejection, a massive burst of solar flares and wind out of surface of Earth. During such eruption the solar flares looping to hundreds of  thousands of miles. The recorded prominence erupts from Sun  in 2012 didn’t reach up to Earth. The deep red erupting material during this phenomenon is nothing but the plasma, a mixture of hot wind and charged particles of hydrogen and helium.

2 Comet ISON

This bright colored image of comet ISON was taken from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight center using 14″ telescope with color CCD. This spectacular image was taken on 8th November 2013 when the ISOn comet was 97 million miles away from the Earth. At that time comet ISON is all it’s way to mess with Sun on 28th November, 2013.

After making a closer slingshot with Sun comet ISON became extinct on November 28. this parabolic comet was discovered by Russian astronomers Vitaly nevsky and Artyom novichonok on 21st September, 2012. It is estimated and comet ISON was coming from oort cloud, can said as edge of solar system and started heading towards Sun from millions years ago.

Comet ISON have an icy body with length of several millions kilometers, also having tail 20 times wider than that of full moon. During travelling towards the Sun comet ISON gathered 1,12000 pounds of dust in every minutes. Before the disappearance comet ISON completed 4.5 billion years in oort cloud and made journey with time span of 3.5 billion years, also made remarkable approach of 750000 miles away to Sun surface.

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