Frightening and Mind-Blowing Objects of Outer Space

Outer space is full of mysterious and scary phenomena, from stars that suck the life out of their own kind to giant black holes which are billions times larger and more massive than our Sun. Below are the most frightening things that exist in outer space.

The ghost planet

Many astronomers say that the giant planet Fomalhaut B has sunk into oblivion, but it seems to have recently resurfaced.

Back in 2008, the astronomers used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and announced the discovery of a giant planet that orbits a very bright star Fomalhaut, which is only 25 light years far from Earth. Some other researchers questioned this finding later, claiming that the scientists actually found a giant cloud of dust reflected in visible light.

However, according to the recent data obtained from the Hubble, the planet keeps reappearing over and over again. Other experts scrutinize the system surrounding the star, so the ghost planet can be pronounced non-existent more than once before a final verdict is made regarding this planet.

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