ind-blowing things we learned watching the new Voyager film The Farthest

The Voyager missions has made an incredible impact on our understanding of the Solar System, but also on the hearts and minds of the people involved in the mission. This is wonderfully expressed in the new movie The Farthest – here are some of the amazing things we discovered.

The Voyager space probes are still out there, sailing through the interstellar space between our Solar System and our nearest stars, and although they are billions of kilometres away, they are still very close to our hearts and minds, especially for those involved in the mission. In the new documentary film The Farthest, the engineers, scientists and artists who helped develop the two probes and Golden Records discuss the incredible effort involved in getting the mission off the ground, the nail-biting tension when things went wrong and the emotional impact Voyager’s 40-year journey has had.

The Farthest is out in selected cinemas today and we’ve had a chance to see the film – it’s well worth catching if you are a fan of space exploration, but before then, here are a few of the mind-boggling facts and thoughts we had whilst watching:

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